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the functional diversity of the MediaCentre

Functions of the MediaCenter

In order to be able to carry out and design the presentations of the different media individually or also specially, the nessMediaCenter offers an extensive range of functions.


  • Selection of background colour, selection colour and font colour / size.
  • Activate/deactivate offers
  • Create an ad hoc playlist of images, films, media shows, PDF documents
  • Presenting this playlist or individual media items
  • iTunes or music app control to change playlists/music tracks or start/stop music tracks
  • Marking of unplayed movies stored in iTunes
  • Optional automatic display of MediaCenter when programme starts
  • Optionally activate EyeTV or turn off the computer by selecting Exit
  • Automatic dimming of the screen after five minutes

  • Pictures, films, DVDs, EyeTV films, PDFs and media shows from (local) storage media.
  • Pictures and movies from Aperture, Photos app, iPhoto and iTunes (incl. movies, TV shows and podcasts downloaded from the iTunes Store)
  • Pictures and movies from a variety of DLNA media servers (DS214play, Fritz!Box NAS, Kodi, miniDLNA, Plex, PS3, Serviio, Twonky, TVMobili)
  • Pictures, films, DVDs, and EyeTV movies from the nessViewer media server

  • Increase playback speed (up to 64x for fast forward)
  • Endless playback
  • Sorting by name, path or randomly
  • Full screen change (e.g. for different presentations on 2 screens)
  • Aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9)
  • Zooming
  • Language selection (selection of different film tracks; if available)
  • DVD: selection of default language (including automatic selection of audio passthrough if available)

  • the ad hoc playlist allows not only the selection of several media, which are then presented one after the other, but also e.g. the selection of Photos app collections, iPhoto albums and folders.
  • in contrast to iPhoto or the Photos app, pictures and movies from (several) albums and events can be presented one after the other - optionally with background music (and suppressed video sound) through the iTunes or Music app controls or without background music (and with video sound)
  • in contrast to EyeTV, "Film Info" always shows the same cover for EyeTV films
  • EyeTV movies can be started easily & conveniently even if only VLC is installed instead of EyeTV
  • EyeTV, iTunes, Music App or VLC can be controlled by the remote control if the corresponding programme is in the foreground.