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nessMediaCenter control and remote control unit

Control of the presentations

with the Apple Remote Control, NV Remote App, Magic Mouse, Trackpad or Keyboard

Control with the NV Remote II App

NV Remote II App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch provides a simple user interface to control the MediaCenter and presentations in the nessMediaCenter.


NV Remote II App is available in the Apple App Store.

Download NV Remote II App

Apple remote control

The Apple remotes provide a simple control interface to control the MediaCentre and presentations.

Some buttons offer multiple functions by single press, hold down or double press - for example:

  • Pressing and holding MENU closes the Media Centre or the presentation.
  • Pressing and holding PLAY in the Media Centre starts the presentation from the current entry.
  • Holding down PLAY in a film presentation zooms in and out
  • Pressing and holding RIGHT in a film presentation increases the playback speed each time (and again after 3 seconds),
  • pressing twice jumps further forward
  • Holding RIGHT when a film has been stopped plays the film in slow motion