Media presentation extensions

External extension are used in the 32 bit version for the various video formats which can be displayed in a media presentation.

Adobe Flash

The "Flash Player" displays internet videos based on the "FLV" (Flash video) and "SWF" (Shockwave Flash) format: for example videos of YouTube.
Adobe Flash web page

Apple QuickTime

"QuickTime" displays many internet videos and local media in various file formats. QuickTime is usually integrated in all macOS versions.
Apple support web page

Telestream Flip4Mac

"Flip4Mac" is an "QuickTime" extension to display "WMV" (Windows media) videos.
Flip4Mac web page (up-to-date)
Download Flip4Mac (free of charge)


"Perian" is an "QuickTime" extension to display video formats like AVI, DivX, MKV.
Perian web page
Download Perian

Each extension must be installed after the download.
Flip4Mac is only free of charge up to version 3.2.x. If the link redirects to a newer version, then it might be recommendable to search for a older version.

Please note that these extension must not be installed if using the more modern 64 bit version of nessMediaCenter.